A machine shop to repair/manufacture parts or make bespoke equipment and a general workshop for the repair of camera heads, legs, studio equipment (Vinten, Sachtler, Ronford Baker, Manfrotto, Miller), grips equipment (Chapman Leonard, Moy) and other mechanical based items.


We also have an electronics workshop where we repair and service Sony and Panasonic equipment along with other electronic manufacturers. We also match/set up cameras, VTRs, broadcast equipment, lighting equipment, sound equipment, monitors etc.


We have a fully equipped optical workshop for the repair, service and testing of film and video lenses, with collimation and projection equipment to enable us to cover such lenses as Carl Zeiss, Cooke, Arriflex film, Canon and Fujinon (SD or HD). Other facilities include service, set up and collimation of cameras such as Arriflex and Aaton.

Our Services

The main services we offer can be seen below but we do offer more bespoke services if required

  • Studio Servicing

  • Tripod Repair

  • Electronic Repair

  • Uni/Educational Support

  • Kit Sales

  • Bespoke Services

Building high quality business relationships

Why chose YFTV?

We are committed to helping our client’s businesses grow and we would work closely with you to ensure your goals are met. We can tailor make services that revolve around you and your business needs.

  • Client Focused
  • Qualified Professionals
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  • Experienced In a Wide Range Of Industries
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Below is a short list of some of our suppliers.

Ronford Baker
Miller Tripods
Cooke Lenses
Cchapman Leonard